Requirements for Registration (Nationals)


4 Recent passport size photographs (Must be colored with a white background)

Certified Final Academic Transcript/Certificates of qualification

Photocopy of identity card of school where one trained from

'O’ level and A level certificates

Registration fees

Requirements for Registration (Foreign Applicants)


All academic credentials

Evidence of registration with professional body from country of origin

Evidence of previous employment

Photocopy of passport detail page

3 Recent passport sized photographs (Must be colored with a white background)

Verification fees

Registration fees

Requirements for renewal (Annual Practicing Licence)


Fully filled annual practicing license form

Copy of the previous annual practicing license or registration certificate(if you have never renewed)

1 Recent passport sized photograph (Must be colored with a white background)

Renewal fees

Requirements and Procedure for opening a Health Unit


Professional must have registered with the council.

Must have a current Annual Practicing license.

Professional must have four (4)years and above working experience.

Must possess a copy of guidelines for private practice.

Professional opens health unit under his/her area of specialization.

Professional can only run one health unit.

Obtain a checklist from the registrar’s office/Download it from the website.

Checklist is filled by Inspecting officer at the district.

The form should have a valid signature and stamp from both the inspecting officer and DHO

Come along with Original and photocopies of each of the following documents:

Registration certificate

Annual Practicing Licence

Diploma Certificate/Transcript

Registration fees

Renewal of Practicing Licence for a Health Unit


Obtain a Health Unit renewal form from the registrar’s office or Download it from the website.

Health Unit should be re-inspected by a supervisory Authority.

The form should be signed and stamped

Professional should have a valid annual Practicing Licence

Renewal fees

Requirements and Procedure for opening a Medical Laboratory


Obtain an application form from the Head office(MoH HDQTRs), Inspectorate & Quality Assurance Dept (Lumumba Avenue, Mukwasi House,3rd floor ,Wandegeya wing opp NDA), Regional offices, District Laboratory Focal Person or download it from the Council website: .

Fill in the form and Attach photocopies of:

Valid operating license of the health facility(if under a private clinic or hospital)

Certificate of registration, Valid Annual Practicing License, Academic Transcript/Certificate of the Laboratory In- charge.

Return the form for assessment and payment to any of the offices in (1)above

Facility is then scheduled for inspection.

Facility is inspected and Checklist is filled by the District Laboratory Focal Person according to the level of the laboratory.

Completed checklist is then signed and stamped by the District Laboratory Focal Person and District Health Officer.

Form is then sent or returned to the head office for processing.